Sonic the Hedgehog collection

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TOMY emoji Sonic Boom Sonic plush (laughing)

My first sonic plush ever! I saw it months before christmas along with Tails at a shop far away. And, for christmas, my mom and my sister bought them for me- the exact two's I saw! Thank you again!

It's a flat plush, it's simple yet effective. However cat hairs gets stuck really hard on the white material unfortunately.

​TOMY emoji Sonic Boom Tails plush (laughing)

Similar story as the Sonic one, obtained as a pair with Sonic. Same deal with the white material.

Jakks Pacific Classic Sonic plush

A small cutie I got along with Mighty and Tails, thanks to my contacts in my local EB Games!

The shoes are made out of vinyl material, so it's possible it may deteriorate overtime!

Note that on all the jakks pacifics I cut their tush tags, as they were hurting and scratching me. They were very long and pretty much only had the classic Sonic the Hedgehog logo.

Jakks Pacific Classic Tails plush

Similar story an materials as the above sonic! Love the tail not being just embroided on (See: Tails emoji plush). Its an actual appendage on it!

Jakks Pacific Mighty the Armadillo plush

Similar story and materials as Tails and Sonic. However, I believe this is the only Mighty the Armadillo official plush to exist!

I can't wait to get Ray the Flying Squirrel to match with him if he ever comes out!

TOMY ultimate Classic Sonic action figure

A sonic figure I bought on a whim at a faraway EB Games. I'm pleasantly surprised of this purchase! It's really articulated and has a lot of hands/expressions for optimal posing!

A must-have for Classic Sonic fans!

Pop Vinyl Sonic with Chaos Emerald figure

A figure I got for my birthday at some point, probably in 2019. A new Sonic Pop vinyl. Looks better than the original!

Pop Vinyl Sonic with Chaos Emerald figure

Another figure I got for my birthday, this time of Super Sonic! So cool!

Pop Vinyl Super Tails figure

This figure came from the Super Tails and Super Silver SDCC exclusive limited edition pack, which had 3 in stocks at my local EB Games. The manager kept it on the side for me and I owe him my life for this lol!

Pop Vinyl Super Silver figure

Came in the same package as Super Tails. These look so awesome..!

Jakks Pacific Modern Sonic action figure

A small Sonic action figure that my brother gifted me on Christmas. Thanks bro! I know these are super expensive for lil' guys like these so I really appreciate it..!